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Brilliant Shaped Diamond  
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Oval shaped diamond  
  Heart shaped diamond
Marquise shaped diamond  
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Trilliant shaped diamond  
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  Curved Trilliant shaped diamond
Baguette shaped diamond  
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23/3/2011 07:28:22
Mel (Jason Withers Brisbane” (www.maps.google.com.au))

In August last year I first thought of proposing and started scouring the internet for rings and diamonds to go in them. After a number of visits to random jewellers in the Melbourne CBD and a long discussion with Tiffany’s, I figured I could save about 30 to 50% by not using a high street shop. After weighing up the cost of selecting the colour, clarity and cut, I trawled through the net to find the biggest one I could afford. I wanted an Australian company; as if I was not happy with the diamond, I wanted a safeguard and the option to return it. I found what I wanted through Diamond Exchange (DE) in Melbourne, paid and waited, and waited. See, when you buy a diamond in this way, it typically comes from New York, Israel or Mumbai, so you pay for the diamond up front and have it delivered. The alternative is to buy something already in stock, which is more expensive due to the cost of the company physically storing it (safe\'s, security etc), plus the insurance to cover it. I over the next few months DE they offered a rather impressive list of excuses for why nothing was delivered. I wrote to everybody; DE, the Jewellers Association of Australia, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and anybody who I could. Finally I walked down one lunch time and refused to leave until I got my money back, still to no avail, even after keeping the Director and CFO there until 8pm. The following morning the administrators walked in to DE and the company closed (yet I\'m amazed to see their website back up???). I lodged my claim with the liquidators and, after 4 months since they shut, it\'s becoming more and more apparent that nobody will get any money back from what was spent and there\'s talk of civil and/or criminal charges. Thankfully my bank processed a chargeback from the credit card transaction and I was in action again. I love my bank right now. Knowing I was so lucky, my screening process stepped up a considerable notch to ensure I found somebody reputable. Sticking to the internet option (due to the cost the price of in-store jewellery), I eventually found Jason. I held off proposing until I had everything sorted with Jason, but just to touch on Diamond Exchange one more time... if you plan a proposal, the venue, the date etc, you want to have that ring!!! The last thing you want to say to your gorgeous fianc? who\'s smile with tears of happiness after you ask \"Will you marry me?\" is, \"oh, by the way, you don\'t have a ring. I spent all my money on a ring that will never arrive.\" That for sure will put a dampener on what is one of the greatest days in your life, regardless on how unmaterialistic your wife to be is. From memory my first impression of Jason was \"no bullsh!t\". I\'m a fan of somebody who gives an honest opinion and leaves the sales talk behind. I had found some diamond options on his website, enquired and started talking to Jason on which is the best one. The thing I found was that there\'s more than diamonds then the typical \"four C\" checklist. There\'s varying grades of a VS2 clarity, or an E colour, or if a slight fluorescence is a positive or negative. You can\'t pick these from certificates alone. Jason checks these subclasses from the suppliers before ordering to ensure they on the upper end of each, rather than just scraping in at the lower end of the spectrum. I popped in to see Jason the next time I was in Brisbane. Settings were something I never gave a thought of either. Jason showed me the setting I chose, which was slightly more expensive than what I had been quoted from DE for a similar shape and both in platinum. I was shown a setting which looked exactly like the one from DE, which, compared to Jason’s setting, looked like a brittle piece of tin. That extra platinum goes a long way, not only in presentation, but also diamond security, let alone the step up in workmanship. The end product is magnificent!

16/3/2011 13:20:18
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Your website is really awesome. Keep up the good work.

16/2/2011 16:43:42
bhavik lalitbhai shah (bhavikshah100@yahoo.in)

hello..i have all kind of diamonds bt not only solitairs..coz my work is only in smll diamonds..so if u have any demand like kind of all small diamond..

22/11/2010 10:49:23
Philippe ()

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14/9/2010 00:39:56
Scott (Sydney)

\"I found Jason in the Voyeur in flight Virgin Blue magazine on a business trip. The
stunning design in the ad really caught my eye and I had Jason replicate it as a
stunning engagement ring with a hearts and arrows diamond. The end product was
perfect and at a very reasonable price. He also later created a perfect wedding band
to accompany the piece. Jason was great to deal with kept in touch with me along the
whole process from order to completion. I\'d highly recommend him to anyone looking
for an original piece of jewellery at a great price.\"
Cheers Scott

18/6/2010 06:59:32
Jacqueline (London -- Australia)

I\'ve been meaning to write for a while, but getting settled in Dublin took a little longer than first anticipated!
Anyway, I wonder if you remember James and I? You made us a beautiful princess cut ring just before the Easter long weekend?
Just wanted to say that I am totally in love with my ring, and am sure that I have looked down at my finger over a million times already!
You were right in the sizing. During the fitting with you in Oz, at first I thought that the ring was slightly too tight...but now being in Europe, it is amazing how much my fingers have shrunk. It is a perfect fit.
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work and design. We look forward to seeing you again when we are ready to make the wedding bands - but as that won\'t be happening until we return from overseas, it\'s still some time yet!

Warm regards,


5/3/2010 05:55:21
Rebecca Cooper (Brisbane Australia)

Hi Jason,
Just wanted to write to you to say thank you for my ring, it’s absolutely
Beautiful and well worth the wait!!! Everyone has commented on it today!!

Thanks again, I love it
Bec x

17/2/2010 04:26:05
Lisa Dixson (Melbourne)

Hi Jason

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the work you put into my new
rings. They are absolutely stunning, and I can\'t stop looking at
them!! My husband\'s very impressed too.

Appreciate you trekking out to the suburbs to deliver them too.

If I ever want any more jewellery, or a friend needs a recommendation, I
will be sure to contact you.

Have a great night and a safe trip back tomorrow!

Lisa Dixson

5/10/2009 01:28:55
Pat (Brisbane - Australia)


Just a quick note to say thank you for producing such a spectacular ring.
Fiona loved it.
The design and and setting reflect the care and pride you take in creating
such fine jewellery.

King Regards


17/7/2009 00:29:37
Maria (Brisbane)

Hi Jason

Just wanted to let you know that we are very impressed with the engagement ring that we bought off you. You were right the photo in the valuation didn\'t do it justice.

We will let you know when we want to order the wedding bands that we

Regards Maria

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