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Oval shaped diamond  
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Baguette shaped diamond  
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11/1/2007 22:18:50
Steve and Sheila (North London)

Steve searched long and hard to find the best ring possible, and came across Original-Diamonds via the internet. When he asked to view the stone that he had selcted from the large range of catalogued diamonds, it was quickly shipped to London from New York; on seeing the fire and sparkle, he had no hesitation and decided to make the purchase.

Steve and I had agreed a design and when he presented this to John Heath, this proved to be no problem for the workshop at all. After a week or two I wasn\'t disappointed; he presented me with a fantastic 1.07 diamond E, IF plantinum ring in November last year. It was better than the photograph Steve had shown to John!

I have had lots of great comments from friends and family and even had other jewellers comment when we have since browsed other retail shops, and commented on my ring in passing (none of which are able to beat both quality, style and price of my ring). I know Steve is very happy with the purchase, and more importantly, I I am too.

We will be getting our wedding bands from Original-Diamonds too!

Why? great service, quality diamond and hard to beat prices! Better still, Steve was allowed to take the ring away prior to the payment transaction going through, which demonstrated great trust and honesty on John\'s part!

We will definitely recommend friends and family and anybody else for that matter!

18/12/2006 11:35:25
Andrew & Liz (Brisbane)

Hi Jason

Thank you so much for making our vision of a unique engagement ring such a perfect reality. To say we are totally happy with the whole experience at original diamonds is an understement. Our ring is absolutely gorgeous and we are constantly being told how beautiful the diamond is. We now appreciate the diference a perfect cut can make. Our Hearts & Arrows stone sparkles more than we could ever have imagined. Your friendliness, patience and honest advice throughout the whole experience was a refreshing change. At no stage did we feel pressured. Thank you for exceeding all our expectations and for enabling us to purchase the diamond of our dreams at a price we could afford. We were referred to you by another couple who were blown away by your great service. We too would have no hesitation in recommending original diamonds to anyone.

Andrew & Liz

30/11/2006 00:00:17
hope & Nath (hope_needham@hotmail.com)

We decided that i should choose the ring i wanted, which was a smart move by Nathan, given my fussy taste. so I started searching on the net for a design i liked. After looking at thousands of rings, I found a picture of exactly what i wanted. Now to find it in the flesh (that cant be so hard, right.. WRONG!!) after looking at shop after shop, i found rings that were almost but no quite what i wanted, and they all seem to lack the flair of what i was after.. so we came to the conclusion id have to have it made. we had an appointment at a jewellery shop in chatswood, i took the picture.. the people that owned the shop took a look, I told them what size stone i was after, and they proceeded to bring out smaller not so good quality stones (i knew this after becoming a self taught gem expert, after spending hours researching..) and it was implied to us that maybe they were more within our budget.. which was funny as we didnt specify how much we wanted to spend. so after leaving there i felt very diflated.. the next day i looked on the net again and found original diamonds, so i requested a quote. within a couple of hours jason had called me and went through exactly what i was after in a very very helpful manner.. within a day i had a quote. now being it was off the net, naturally i was concerned about the quality i would receive.. so i took the quote to my local shop. they flat out said.. "we cannot even come close to that" now, i took the exact quote & desciption of the stone with me, becasue if there was something dodgey im sure they would have pointed it out.. so a week later we ordered the ring of my dreams off Jason.. four weeks after that the big day came.. and i have to say, when i opened the box, i was comepltetely overcome. it was the most beautiful piece of jewellery id ever seen, and it was EXACTLY what i wanted.The quality was amazing compared to the dull, generic, overpriced rings id seen in shops. to Jason, thankyou so much not only for the beautiful ring, but they way in which you handled the whole process. you were brilliant. if anyone would like to confirm that they are doing the right thing but giving their business to original diamonds, please feel free to email me. hope_needham@hotmail.com

14/11/2006 09:39:45
Dave Burland and Catrina (soon to be Burland!) (Bundaberg)

Dave had a concept for my engagement ring which he found Jason was able to a translate into a design and then into the most amazingly beautiful ring. It was wonderful to be able to place our trust in the guys at original diamonds, especially with such a large purchase!

Like many others on this site, I receive compliments on the quality of the diamond. Compared to my engagement ring, many of the stones in store windows are milky, flat and lacking in brilliance.

Well done and thank you! We will see you soon for our wedding bands.

Catrina and Dave

20/10/2006 14:00:44
Natasha & Shane Moten (SE London)

Shane proposed in April 2004 on the London Eye with the most amazing ring I've ever seen. Thanks to John, I am proud to show off my sparkly rock and people compliment me on it all the time. Since then, we have recommended you to family (lorraine and daniel chose tanzanite and diamonds) and friends (I think Jayne and Darren have already been in touch)

Well, because of that first ring, I now also have a beautiful eternity ring which Shane gave me on the birth of Jude in December 2005 and I am sure there may be the patter of many more little feet as a result of the fantastic work you produce. Well done and Thanks

Natasha (& Shane & baby Jude)

19/10/2006 00:10:12
Ryan (Brisbane)

It seems like many of your other customers I too was dissapointed at the diamonds on offer at most retail jewellers/diamond stores. For the money being asked, the diamonds were nice, but certainly didn't have the fire or sparkle I expected them to. I came across the website, and was amazed at the prices. Initially I was hesitant to spend such a large amount of money over the internet - but a visit to the diamond workshop in the city definitely put my mind at ease. Jason showed me a few diamonds similar to the one I was after and I was truly amazed at the brilliance of the stones.

I was a particularly fussy customer (I'm sure Jason will remember!) as it was the biggest purchase I'd ever made - but both the guys were great, explaining all the different options in colour, clarity, certification etc for finding a great stone in my price range.

The stone we ended up with is absolutely stunning - my fiancee is still receiving two or three compliments a week, two months after we were engaged! The hand crafted ring is also beautiful, based on a design we had seen, but customised to my fiancee's (exact!) specifications.

Thank you Jason once again for all your help and patience with me, the diamond is alive with fire from any angle you look at it, the setting is beautiful and we will definitely be back for our wedding bands!

Ryan & Uyen

25/9/2006 01:57:39
Belinda (Brisbane)


You deserve an award for crafting a ring to satisfy a woman so fussy
even SHE didn't know what she wanted... (ie me!)

I can't get over how perfect it is. It's even better than I hoped
for. I just love it.

Thanks for all your work - we are so happy with the result. I've
had so many compliments already and I've only been wearing it for a day!

Your patience and professionalism did not go unnoticed and were greatly

See you in a few months for our wedding bands.


21/9/2006 03:54:50
Chris (New Zealand)

Warning Warning; Superb service to follow from Original-Diamonds!!!

I wanted a superb stone, a larger superb stone for my Darling. A friend put me in touch with someone he deals with and has a lot of influence with in America. His instruction was to provide us a superb stone at cost price. Unfortunately, his cost price was beyond our means………

I started doing internet searches and came across Original-Diamonds. When I contacted them, Jason responded immediately with some options. I still cannot believe for the life of me the stone that we have ended up with, and the price, that will be going into an engagement ring we are having made. It was SUBSTANTIALLY better than what was offered via my friend.

Anyway, this was a stone that was worth in the many thousands of dollars and I don’t know about you, but I was REALLY reluctant to be sending money overseas, to a company I had never heard of before, and only corresponded with via email and a couple of telephone calls. I ended up sending the money in 2 lots, knowing it could be traced once they acknowledged that the first part was received. I was very very anxious. Once Jason said the funds had been received, there was a slight delay in delivery due to circumstances beyond their control, so here I was in a situation of having sent thousands of dollars overseas to a crowd I had never heard of before to buy a diamond I had not seen,………………..

We have ended up with a 1.77 carat G SI-1 Hearts and Arrows stone with HRD Grading Cert and I have had everything independently checked. The Hearts and Arrows are as perfect as I have seen anywhere, and the stone has the most amazing fire and scintillation!!!

I took it to show 3 jewelers who we have been talking to, to show them the stone and they have made comments such as “Wow look at that colour”, “My God, look at the fire in that stone” and “I would be pleased to own that one myself” – and these were the guys trying to sell US a ring!!!

I have NO HESITATION WHATSOEVER in recommending Jason and Jason to you. I would welcome an email is you have any doubts, to help set your mind at ease. I fully intend buying more stones through them in the future for other rings.

14/9/2006 04:17:57
Richard Fryberg (Brisbane)

Jason was referred to us by some friends of ours and we couldn't be happier. So much so, that we have now recommended him to friends of ours. The engagement ring was perfect, the stone sourced for the best we could imagine - better than we could find anywhere else, and while price was secondary to quality, it was a better price for higher quality. Worse items of lesser quality cost more elsewhere.

We will be returning when it comes to the wedding rings.

11/9/2006 11:04:25
Andrew & Nadine (Brisbane)

Simply stunning! The quality of the diamond that these guys sourced for us for our engagement ring quite simply exceeds anything that we saw in any jewelry store - and by astronomical proportions. Not only was the range of diamonds to choose from of outstanding quality in every attribute, the design of the ring itself is perfect, and the personalised service we received throughout every step of the process was second to none. We will never go elsewhere and can highly recommend them without hesitation.

Thank you Jason!

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