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Brilliant Shaped Diamond  
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Oval shaped diamond  
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Marquise shaped diamond  
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Trilliant shaped diamond  
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Radiant shaped diamond  
  Curved Trilliant shaped diamond
Baguette shaped diamond  
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24/8/2006 21:19:35
Chad (New Zealand)

I suppose like anyone when you start looking for diamonds there is not only a lot of information to digest but also you have to be careful of internet scams.

So when i started looking you soon learn that the quality of products offered at your local jewelers is pretty bad, and not all that cheap. Especially since i did not have a very big budget, and knowing my partner when it comes to something like diamonds she like quality not quantity.

So after about 6 months of debating and constantly searching original diamonds website for a good deal i decided I would rather just get what i wanted. So i ended up with 3 perfect stones, D,IF & hearts and arrows (absolutely magnificent under the viewer that i got).

The best part was the service though, Jason was really helpful and managed to source the diamonds from Belguim on short notice.

So a huge thanks and would definately recommend these guys to anyone. The quality of both the diamonds and the service are awesome.


1/8/2006 11:14:05
Timothy Cocaro (AUSTRALIA)

When looking for a diamond ring my specifications where (at the time I thought so) simple. Not the biggest diamond but the best diamond within my budget.

However it wasn’t soon after I started my search that I had found that most jewellers in Sydney where selling (in my view) sub par diamond rings for an exuberant amount of money i.e. 13k for a H/S1 .75 diamond ring.

I was dismayed but not being one that gives up easily I began researching on the web and came across a couple of sites to name one "Banana Cakes of Melbourne and Sydney" (edited) and off course original-diamonds.

Given my budget was not small I was sceptical about spending so much money on any business that was selling diamonds over the net. I decided to first email "Banana Cakes of Melbourne and Sydney" (edited) as they had an office in Sydney where I live. I didn’t receive a reply so I decided to call, where I left a message and no one returned my call. This didn’t give me any confidence at all, if any business is going to sell over the net the bare minimum is to return an email – my confidence was shaken to say the least.

Feeling a bit dejected I thought to call original-diamonds as my last “net” solution for finding the diamond I was looking for. From the first phone conversation with Jason I was impressed. Firstly he was the first person that didn’t start the sentence with “can I do a deal for you” and further more the first person willing to listen and answer my barrage of questions not matter how many times he had obviously heard them all before.

Since that conversation Jason has produced quit literally the best diamond ring I could imagine with accompanying wedding band. A D/VVS1 brilliant cut which a) I couldn’t even find at any shop or b) couldn’t realistically afford their prices anyways.

So my advice for anyone with any doubts whether original-diamonds is for you, do yourself the favour and at-least give Jason a call, you wont regret it. At minimum you get some valuable advice you can take away with you or at best get yourself a diamond you wont find elsewhere and the service to match.

PS she said yes.

22/6/2006 20:16:48
Dr Vicky Vass (Castle Eden, England)

A year after our engagement and 6 months after our wedding I am still being asked "where did you get those rings?" John Heath is amazing, from the very 1st phone call to the rings being delivered it was 1st class customer service all the way. But, and this is a big but..... that is nothing compared to the most amazing rings that John and his son James designed and made for us. We are a bit romantic - well more than a bit really ;o) and when my (then) intended called John to discuss possible designs he had a very clear picture in his head of what he wanted - and John, being the genius he is, translated that to some drawings for us to choose from. Well, I have to say that was the easy bit, the choosing of the diamond was mindblowing - how do you choose??? Again, John was at hand to advise. When my engagement ring came along I was so overwhelmed that I burst into tears, as it was, and is, the most amazing piece of jewelry design you will ever see. It is a heart shaped diamond set in a very contemporary setting and is truly unique. Coming up to the wedding John then designed me a wedding ring to fit perfectly around it - not an easy task as the ring has quite an interesting shape. But, yes, you guessed it, John came up trumps. So, if you are looking for a ring that is unique and special to you, call John, we are so glad we did. If you want to contact us please dont hesitate to email on ivass@easynet.co.uk and we'll be happy to give you our personal. endorsement. Vicky & Iain Vass

14/6/2006 11:53:36
Fiona (Australia)

Having lived for many years overseas I have in the past sourced my diamonds from Belguium for quality and value, I was somewhat sceptical when I first saw Jason's local Australian website, for in my experience in Australia you can expect to pay a premium for a diamond that is often only fair quality, even when dealing with many of the top end city jewellery stores
Despite my initial sceptisism, dealing with Jason turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Not only were his prices as good as buying direct from a diamond dealer in Antwerp, but his service was absolutely exceptional, better in fact, than any service that I have received in any jewellery store.
For those out there that wish to buy a high quality diamond, and save substantially by cutting out the middle man, then Original Diamond is by far the best and safest option.
I certainly would rather spend my money on things that are important to me, rather than helping pay the rent of a big City jewellery store.

3/4/2006 13:29:34
Melanie B (Adelaide, South Australia)

I can’t praise Jason enough! They sourced a fantastic diamond for me at short notice from New York and created a stunning ring for my recent wedding. At all times they were extremely honest, professional and patient and devoted a lot of time to answering my many questions. Living in Adelaide, I was rather apprehensive about dealing with a business in Brisbane, but after months of research I found that I couldn’t source a diamond locally that could match the quality of the one I purchased through them, especially for the same price. The workmanship of my ring is superb, and was manufactured to my specifications within a tight timeframe. I do not hesitate recommending them to anyone who is looking for honesty, integrity and value for money (my ring has been valued at double its purchase price). I will certainly go back toJason for any future diamond purchases or jewellery manufacture.

7/3/2006 23:30:59
Sarah (New Zealand)

Hi Jason,
Thanks again for all your help, you certainly diffused; what could have been a rather stressful
moment for me. The princess cut diamonds are gorgeous and the ring looks fantastic, I love it.
A pleasure doing business with you.
Best Wishes

12/2/2006 20:56:24
Andrew (Cambridge)

I received excellent personal service through John Heath. the whole process of choosing rings and stones was made easy, and also interesting. Highly recommended.

5/2/2006 23:24:13
Romel (Melbourne)


I have nothing to say beside Jason is great. They deliver good quality diamonds with unbeatable prices.
At the start when I was looking for a stone, I didn’t know anything about diamond but thanks to Jason he stays on the phone with explaining every single details.

I really recommend original Diamonds because they mean Good, Quality and GOOD PRICE.

Thanks Jason for your help…

31/1/2006 05:13:25
Mehta family (India / Singapore)

Dear Lynn and Jason,
The beautiful diamonds arrived safely, Rohit, Daisy and I would like to express our appreciation and commendation to both of you and your firm.

Lynn, you were a patient and encouraging sales person through the buying process. we appreciate your advice, inputs and opinions.

Jason, Mum enjoyed her time with you in Hong Kong and was pleased with the flight and other arrangements that you made because of the delay.

It has been a positive buying experience dealing with the both of you and we will definitely highly recommend your firm to our friends and hopefully we'll be back for me too!!!

Just to let you both know the significance of these purchases..

Rohit and I were married in December 2002, my brother Dara promised me a pair of solitaire earrings. we looked at a few pairs of rounds in India at that time but there was nothing we could decide upon. in February 2003 my
generous and loving husband bought me a 1.75 radiant solitaire ring for my pinky finger. it was my first exposure to the radiant shape and I fell in love with it. since then I have been hunting in India, Singapore and in America though the internet for the perfect pair. and on Saturday morning I finally found it!

The yellow diamonds are a gift for my mother on her Ruby (40th) wedding anniversary which we celebrated in April 2005 from my husband Keki and her 3 children, Baman, Dara and myself. The beauty of these yellow pear shaped
diamonds are a testament to Daisy's outstanding qualities as a wife and mother.

I thought you may enjoy knowing the "value" and meaning of these diamonds to the Mehta family.

With warmest regards and thanks for making these special presents happen,


18/1/2006 01:15:28
Katie Dickson (kdickson@westnet.com.au)

The search for my engagement ring was a rather tedious and frustrating process for my fiancé (Simon) and myself. I am extremely picky and Simon wanted a ring that I would not want to change or upgrade later in life. I visited a variety a jewellers, both in the city and the suburbs of Brisbane, and was amazed at the selling tactics they used. A few times I left feeling bullied. That was until I met Jason. On leaving his office after our first meeting I was convinced he was it and I am happy to say Simon felt exactly the same. I now have the most beautiful ring that I definitely will not want to change. In every aspect I would recommend Jason at Original Diamonds. You will not find better quality, service, price or the ease you experience once you walk out of their office. I have recommended them to friends (who have also used their services and have been ecstatic) and will be visiting their offices again soon for our wedding bands.

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