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Brilliant Shaped Diamond  
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Oval shaped diamond  
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Marquise shaped diamond  
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Trilliant shaped diamond  
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  Curved Trilliant shaped diamond
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  Tapered Baguette shaped diamond

15/1/2006 00:50:18
Nicole Drew (nicci_drew@hotmail.com (Brisbane))

It is said that a woman, in her life time, will look at her engagement ring a million times. In my case this means I will smile a million extra times in my life time. Thank-you to the staff at Original Diamonds (notably Jason) for helping Bennett select such a classy and beautiful engagement ring. I look forward to doing more business, as they say "frost yourself".

13/1/2006 22:23:54
Jason O'Toole (Brisbane)

Jason was a great help from day one. The guys gave me excellent service and their knowledge was exceptional. The quality of the HRD Diamond sourced for me was better than I had hoped for and the quality of the hand made ring Jason made is just superb, truly a fine piece of work. I highly recommend to anyone looking to buy diamonds and/or have a classy piece of jewelry made, see the guys at Original Diamonds Brisbane Australia before you do anything.
I will be a return customer for sure.
Thanks again.

5/1/2006 15:20:06
Aaron Smith (London)

Aaron & Jodie - London

For me trying to find the perfect diamond was a nightmare. So many different combinations, technical jargon and a lot of hot air - until we met John at Original Diamonds.

John took the time to explain what made a great diamond and I was instantly sold. Service is everything to me and the ability to trust the advice of a professional is paramount.

I would not hesitate to reccommend John and Original Diamonds to anyone for quality of service, knowledge, patience and a great price.

Thanks John - a great diamond and great setting.

Thanks a million - Aaron & Jodie

28/12/2005 13:39:30
Tim Clark (Hong Kong / Brisbane)

Congratulations once again Jason, yet another extremely satisfied client.

Personally I had spent 6 months of time and effort researching absolutely everything there was to know about diamonds. What I was searching for was a unique 2.0ct Marquise diamond that would stand apart from all others.

After visiting many jewelers worldwide & countless diamond websites I found the quality of diamonds, pricing and information to vary greatly. A lot of these businesses proved to be dishonest, leading the unwary into purchasing a stone of lesser quality at greatly inflated prices.

It was then I came across Jason at Original Diamonds. I immediately found him to be very friendly, easy to communicate with, patient and above all, honest. Together we sourced the most incredible diamond I have ever seen. His craftsmanship on the platinum setting complimented the diamond perfectly, creating an engagement ring that leaves you amazed at its brilliance. I think even Jason was taken aback with his creation.

The ring now sits proudly on my Fiancés hand & has been the envy of everyone who has seen it. Together we couldn’t be happier. I can’t get the smile off her face. Not a single day passes that she doesn’t receive numerous compliments about how truly stunning her engagement ring is.

Service, Knowledge, Quality, Price, Honesty. You will find it all here Original Diamonds.

Thank you Jason and an even bigger thank you from Ali.

22/12/2005 16:16:44
Nick (London)

From the time I first emailed them, John and James both gave detailed and helpful advice, in particular when it came to selecting the right stone, and discussing the issues important to a marquise cut. After a heart-stopping wait while it was sent from New York, they pulled out all the stops to have it set within a couple of days, and ready just in time! Not having had a chance to see the stone when it came in, I was anxious about what it would look like, but the ring is absolutely beautiful and has received many admiring comments.

Thank you for all your help!

19/12/2005 08:58:53
Kevin & Lesley (Dublin)

After having researched diamonds and visting many Jewlers I finally came upon the Original Diamonds. We were very impressed by the web site and all the information it provided.
Been a bit concerned about purchasing a ring across the internet I gave John a call his manner and professionalism on the phone immediately put me at rest.
Although we had a good idea what we wanted he suggested we visit his studio. Although Original Diamonds only open Monday to Friday but as we were in London for the weekend, John arranged to open up on a Saturday morning to facilate our plans.
We meet John on the Saturday morning and after 2 hours of a very informative lesson on diamonds and been shown a very large variety of stones from well within our budget to well over it we finally decided on a stone and 18k gold setting.
The ring could not be made up that day but as we needed the ring for the big announcement to the families the followng weekend John guranteed us it would arrive in time and true to his word it arrived on my desk in work a day earlier than promised.
Since the ring has arrived we have received numerous comments on how beautiful the ring is and where we got it. I have had no problem in recommending John and Original diamonds to anyone. They could not have been more helpful or professional in their dealings with us.
Thanks again,
Kevin & Lesley

1/12/2005 13:16:15
Richard & Michaela (Yorkshire)

After having researched loose diamonds for 9 months we finally decided upon Original Diamonds. We were very impressed by the web site, it was very easy to search for various stones. We were dubious about buying from the internet so we had a meeting in London with James. He was extremely helpful and a very pleasant person to deal with. They made a ring for us to our own specification and made the process so easy. We would and have recommended James and his father John for any jewellery purchase. Thank you so much to you both.

30/11/2005 04:31:10
Laura O'Connor (Tamworth)

I am a diamond lover and have a little bit of knowledge about them, so when it came time to choose a ring, my boyfriend (now my fiance!)knew I wasn't going to settle for any old diamond (being together for 6 and a half years has earnt me this right)!

Living in regional NSW we didn't have a lot of jewellers to browse through, so the internet was very useful to us. The Original Diamonds website was the best one we found and we loved the fact that you could enter your specifications and be given a list of diamonds to meet your needs/budget.

When we did look at a couple of local places, we were shown stones that were obviously inferior. A lady at one place showed us one with a very visible inclusion. When I pointed it out, she said "Oh, no one except you will notice that". I doubt it, but even so, I would be the one who would be having to see it on my finger for the rest of my life! Another guy tried to get me to change the shape we were looking for (cushion cut) because he couldn't source any!

When we had the chance to visit Brisbane, we arranged a meeting and called in at the workshop. This was a fantastic experience because Jason took time out of their day to sit and talk to Richard and I about the design we liked and diamonds in general. We really got a lot out of the experience because we were shown grading stones to get an idea of colour and I tried on a couple of rings that had already been made up to get an idea of the look of different carat weights.

The guys gave us an idea of the price to make up the setting in 18ct white gold, then I left it up to Richard, with his new found knowledge, to select the centre stone.

Some time later (an agonising wait for me...)the result was presented by my man on bended knee with the whole flowers and champagne thing, and it is gorgeous! (and he's not too bad either ;-). A .78 ideal cut, E colour cushion, flanked by kite shaped diamonds and set in a knife edge, bead set band, that splits to touch the centre diamond corners. The total carat weight is about 1.3. I think it will be on the website if you want to have a look.

The ring is beautifully made and you should see it in direct sunlight! I couldn't wait to show my family and friends. I have had a lot of comments on how stunning and sparkling it is, (even from a bank teller today!) and it has only been on my finger for just over a week.

In conclusion, we fully recommend Jason to anyone who is in the market for a quality, value for money, original piece of jewellery (the independent valuation was significantly more than the price we paid, and this is the amount it is insured for, as replacement value).

Avoid the jewellery retailers because they are likely to try to sell a second rate product and overcharge for it. You don't have to spend a fortune with Original Diamonds to get a really special piece made to your own individual choices.

We'll be contacting Jason again in a few months to talk about our custom made wedding rings.

Kind regards,

28/11/2005 05:54:37
Wade Hastie (wadehastie@hotmail.com)

I was a 25 year old male looking for an engagement ring for his girlfriend. I spent some time researching diamonds and prices. I went to all the so-called diamond houses and jewellers in Brisbane, and to be perfectly honest, was less than impressed with the service, quality and cost of all places. My best friend who was recently engaged told me to go and see Jason Withers at Original Diamonds before commiting to any decision. I made an appointment with Jason and he explained to me all the ins and outs of what I should be looking for in a good diamond. We ordered a diamond that suited my budget from the web-site, and designed the rest of the ring to suit. I cannot begin to explain how extremely happy I am with the result. My Fiance loved the ring and I saved roughly 20%-25% on what others were asking. If I could offer one piece of wisdom it would be this. Shop around if you want, look at prices for the quality you are getting, then spend the 30 mins to go and see Jason. I would suggest that your decision will be made then and there. Thank you again Jason. Cheers - Wade

15/11/2005 17:37:29
Joanne & Phil (London)

We searched for the right diamond for 3 months and spent many weekends at Hatton Garden. A friend suggested Original Diamonds and we are absolutely thrilled with our choice. I am very fussy and John Heath was really patient with us. We consulted 6 or 7 other wholesale jewellers and none of them could source the stone I wanted. We were nervous when we went to pick up my engagement ring which is a very intricate design, but it is more stunning that I ever expected. Many friends have commented that it is the most gorgeous ring they have seen. The quality of the workmanship is better than rings I have seen in Tiffanys. Thank you John.

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