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Brilliant Shaped Diamond  
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Oval shaped diamond  
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Marquise shaped diamond  
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Trilliant shaped diamond  
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  Curved Trilliant shaped diamond
Baguette shaped diamond  
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28/10/2005 11:44:33
Wendy (Essex)

Danny and I had been looking for a very specific diamond for my engagement ring for a long time and had been growing frustrated at the lack of choice of quality stones in the High Street shops. We had also approached a couple of jewellers to source a diamond for us but without success. Luckily we came across this website and got in touch with John and James. True to their word, they found me a gorgeous diamond and helped me choose a platinum setting. We picked the ring up this week and are delighted with it. No hesitation in recommending Original Diamonds and John and James.

26/10/2005 10:16:01
Deepak Menon (demoninlove@yahoo.com)

I ran across your site while browsing the net - and though I am not even a prospective customer -d I think it is a very clean, honest, and perfect site with clarity for the people who are uninformed on this very specialised subject. The best thing about the site is that it voluntary parts with information to educate people across the board who visit it, without binding them to buy from your company. Hardly anyone cares to do that these days. Well done and wishes for you to prosper.

21/10/2005 19:29:39
Annie Greenwood (annie7uk@yahoo.co.uk)

John and James you are wonderful! After the service we received from you for our wedding ring, we really wish we had known you sooner. We now have a very contemporary diamond wedding band, which catches many an admiring glance and comment frequently! John you are truly a gentleman of your word. When we had agreed the price, the ring making process took up more resources than originally planned, but, you stuck by the original price you had given to us.
We will be back in the future to purchase from you and will without a doubt recommend you to any of our friends who are looking for jewellery in the future.

1/10/2005 11:48:21
Anita and David (Derbyshire)

We started our search for a very specific ring by visiting the best jewellers. This enabled us to confirm our requirements, but threatened to blow our budget big style. We decided to try searching for a direct supplier on the net. Hours of searching the many web sites revealed that the one with access to the largest selection of diamonds at the most competetive price was original-diamonds (by comparing certificate numbers you can see the same diamonds on offer by several companies). We were worried about the whole buying on the internet idea and were prepared to travel to Antwerp or New York if necessary, but knew that this would be a difficult search, where would we start? With the help of original-diamonds we did everything over the phone. After many reasuring calls with John and after comparing the qualities of many stones, we settled on the perfect one for us. We were still nervous about the choice as we were dealing with hard facts and a diamond is a very personal choice, but John assured us that our money would be refunded if we were not entirely satisfied. We waited a few more weeks for the diamond to reach Johns office and wow, it's wonderfull. John organised a master goldsmith to set the stone for us and then made adjustments to pander to our very specific requirements. We now have a very precious and much admired diamond ring to seal our engagement. Throughout the process both John and James have been friendly, informative and professional. We will definately recommend original-diamonds to friends and will use them again without hesitation.

27/9/2005 20:57:28
Angus (guswilsonuk@yahoo.co.uk)

I would like to thank James and John for their excellent and professional approach when sourcing a diamond for an engagement ring. I received honest advice and when giving a budget figure they actually came in at a lower figure than higher. How rare is that? The ring was superb and for an Emerald cut it sparkles beautifully. My girlfriend was delighted and would like to say thank you as well. I would recommend these gentlemen to all, their friendly manner and no pressure selling made the whole experience a pleasure.Good luck chaps. I look forward to seeing you when i need a diamond bracelet!!!For my mistress!!!

13/9/2005 11:12:27
Ian (London)

After gathering information from a number of sources including this web site and a couple of months research, including trips to Europe to identify the “ideal” stone for Rachel’s engagement ring, I ventured into Hatton Garden to find the real thing. I was uncertain about buying on-line as not being able to see the stone left me uneasy even if they were certified and had returns policy.

I returned empty handed and even less certain about dealing with these long established shop fronts which were obviously trying to shift their own stock and seemed reluctant to seek the specification I was after. They also seemed to be reluctant to set a stone if I did find one independently.

I finally gave John Heath a call and everything became so easy. Working in London, I was welcome to visit their premises to see the stock. I met John and James and was immediately impressed with their relaxed, knowledgeable and courteous service. They carried a significant stock and I identified a near perfect stone for my requirements. My budget could stretch a little more and John arranged for another stone to be shipped from Antwerp 2 days later for me to compare. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble. I sat over a drink while James was watching the Ashes comparing the 2 near perfect stones and made my decision. I agreed with John what ring the stone would be set in and then flew off on business for a week.

I only had 1 day back in London to pick it up before whisking Rachel off to Florence to propose. I gave John a call in the morning and picked up the ring lunch time like clockwork. To my amazement, I was able to take the ring away and arrange payment after I returned from the weekend. Such trust in any business these days is rare and I must thank John personally for extending this service to me.

I cannot recommend Original Diamonds enough. Over the past couple of months I have dealt with many organisations and none come close to them.

Rachel was blown away by the ring and said yes! We’re planning our wedding in New Zealand next March and will be in touch again to arrange the wedding bands.

27/8/2005 12:03:59
Ross (Leeds)

John and his very professional team provide an excellent, friendly and reliable service with fantastic prices compared to their competitors. I spent about 6 months researching, visiting jewellers, comparing prices looking on the web etc. Obviously I was slightly guarded re buying a diamond ( and plat ring) off the web. However I can honestly say that throughout the process of choosing and deciding which stone to buy, John has been very helpful and replys to queries very promptly.
I would recommend that anybody looking for an engagment ring should seriously consider buying from this site. In fact i have recommended it to a few friends who are looking for rings.
Ps: She said yes and loves the ring!

26/8/2005 17:03:52
Martyn Vaughn (Hong Kong - Beijing)

Dear Jason,

Thank you for your guidance and expert recommendations during the several week search for the right diamond for my wedding here in China. Selecting between the two final choices in Belgium and New York was extremely difficult as they were both nearly perfect. And your assistance in getting this rushed order from NY to HK arranged in time so I could schedule travel from Beijing to HK to pick it up was critical. With only the few day window with which I had to make it down to HK, it really was great to know it had already arrived and was awaiting me.

I met with Patric at the HK office yesterday and picked up the very nice stone; D-VVS1, AGS0, 1.113 carat. The transaction went perfectly. Truly the diamond is just awesome. I checked the cert enscribed on the girdle, all perfect. Patric is a very professional individual and quite the gentleman. Very nice to work through them.

Thanks for all of your assistance in getting this rush order from NY to HK arranged in time so I could schedule travel to HK to pick it up!

Best regards,

25/8/2005 11:28:52
Andrew (London)

My thanks to John for an impressively professional and friendly service. John provided expert advice with no hard sell. I always felt that John was interested in getting what was right for me and not trying to coax the most expensive purchase from me, as I have felt elsewhere. Ultimately, John has supplied me with a beautiful engagement ring at a very reasonable price. In going to Original Diamonds I followed the recommendation of a friend. I have no hesitation whatsoever in passing on that recommendation.

19/8/2005 12:02:55
Bernard McDermott (Glasgow)

Once again fantastic service that I can't get in my area, a huge thanks to John Heath, from a very happy repeat customer. A simple wedding band this time to match a previously set diamond engagement ring, with pre wedding alterations. The turn round time was 24 hours, sorry John, if this inundates you with work, but it has to be praised. Karen is very happy, and now for the diamond pendant ... I'll come back soon.

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