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Brilliant Shaped Diamond  
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Oval shaped diamond  
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Baguette shaped diamond  
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17/8/2005 12:33:55
Sophie Meteyard (London, UK)

I just want to say a HUGE Thank you to John and James Heath for all their help with sourcing the stones for my engagement ring. They are truly beautiful and very competitively priced!

I had a very specific design and stone requirement for my ring and James and John provided an exceptional and friendly service.

I will definitely pass your details onto my family, friends and work colleagues and will be contacting you again when the need arises for wedding bands!

Thank you again.
Warm regards,

29/6/2005 07:56:34
Carlos Miranda (Sydney)

After weeks of wasted lunch hours in shopping centres looking at rings and diamonds that just didn't cut it, I decided to let my fingers do the walking and I came across the Original Diamonds website. Being a novice when it comes to diamonds, I was immediately impressed with the wealth of information provided and the extensive range and very reasonable prices.

At first I was sceptical of doing something like this on the net, but I kept coming back to the Original Diamonds website. I was very curious, so I made a call to Jason. Jason was very helpful and informative from the get go. He asked me some questions and guided me on my search.

Once I'd picked the diamond that suited my budget, Jason organised to have it shipped to Sydney and it was delivered to me within a couple of days. I was very impressed with it and it looked better than I imagined.

I'm very satisfied with the services provided by Jason and I would definately recommend Original Diamonds to anyone .

Now my only concern is if she will say "yes"!

29/6/2005 02:17:33
Mark Hermansen (mhermansen@iprimus.com.au)

I have also purchased an engagement ring through Original Diamonds (Jason) and had it shipped to Canberra. I can only say good things about the purchase, Jason was very helpful when designing the ring, its not easy to do over the phone, and both my fiancé and I are very happy with the results.

My fiancé is always getting complimented on the ring, we visited a couple of jewellers the other day looking for wedding bands and were complimented on the ring by both jewellers and ring makers, which is a great feeling. The results of our shopping trip is we will be going back to Original to get the wedding bands made as well. The price was better than I could get anywhere else and their stock of diamonds and information available was the best I could find.

I hope this helps alleviate any anxiety or hesitation you have about purchasing such an expensive and important item from Original Diamonds.

These pictures dont do the ring justice, we are amazed every time we look at it:


22/5/2005 04:00:34
Anita S (Brisbane)

Jason was recommended to me by my coloured gemstone wholesaler as an exceptional jeweller. I also knew of Original Diamonds through a friend who had found the OD website & recommended it to me.
I already had the diamonds & sapphire & I approached Jason to make the ring for me. Despite my not being a "big ticket" customer, Jason was very patient with me and made me feel like a valued customer. The finished 3 stone, 18ct claw set ring was very elegant with a good eye for detail.
I look forward to dealing with Jason & Original Diamonds in the future. I will definitely go to Jason when I am looking for my next jewellery piece (hopefully sooner rather than later).

14/5/2005 16:51:43
P Brookman (London)

Thank you James for helping an ugly bloke get his girl!

I only knew a little about diamonds beforehand, and it's a bit daunting to find the right engagement ring, and feel comfortable doing so. All this was made easy with James'expert and friendly guidance - a brilliant round, hearts & arrows, colour F, and suitably impressive size diamond was just the ticket.

So the service was superb, the price was great, and the diamond set in platinum looked fantastic as I presented it in Trafalgar Square last night (yes, the guy on his knee wasn't drunk).

The ring also fitted like a glove, and even the moon came out to help light the occasion.

Thanks for making everything so easy - I would highly recommend your Company to anyone.

12/5/2005 14:09:37
Cindy Viano (cindyviano@aol.com)

My husband and I had been looking for a heart shaped blue diamond for a couple of years with no luck. We went to all our local jewelry stores and even to some a couple hundred miles away. The people at the stores told us that they could't get in blue diamonds or they could but the price would be in the thousands. Most of the diamonds that they had were that blue-green color and I wanted one that was light sky blue which made it even more difficult to find. I was really starting to think that my husband and I were never going to be able to find one. Then one day while looking at diamonds on the internet,we came across this store Original Diamonds and found that they could get us what we wanted at a affordable price. I have my blue heart shaped diamond that I had always dreamed about and I am sooooo happy. My husband and I are going to put it in a mount and make it into my wedding set. The lady that worked with is named Lynn and she was very understanding about what we wanted and how much we colud afford on a diamond. Lynn did a great job helping us. THANK YOU Lynn and everyone else at Original Diamonds for making my dream finally come true!!!!

10/5/2005 22:42:45
Sue & Jeff (Surrey)

Thank goodness for John and Original Diamonds. Where on earth is a girl to start her search when presented with the mammouth task of choosing her dream engagement ring!!

Having trawled the Hatton Garden pavements one bitterly cold, grey Saturday afternoon and not having seen anything that remotely inspired me, I turned to the internet and spent many hours one evening scanning the various jewellery store sites and their collections in search of THE RING. Bleary eyed and about to switch off, I stumbled across Original Diamonds. Looking through the wonderful selection of rings, I found the perfect one for me!!! Fantastic! I fired off an e:mail to John in an instant and he replied the next day.

Everything from visiting John, to looking at the diamonds, not to mention meeting John himself who is an absolute delight, was a wonderful, memorable experience.

My ring was made to perfection, having had two fittings prior to the final make up.

My beautiful ring arrived, unexpectedly last Saturday morning. It looks a million dollars and I am thrilled to bits with it. Thank you John, I hope to see you soon!!!!!!

5/5/2005 05:12:48
Andrew C (Brisbane)

Having decided it was the right time to 'Pop the Question' my attention naturally turned to sourcing a ring. Problem was I knew nothing about jewelry and even less about diamonds. Thank heavens for the internet. I found it a very useful tool for educating myself about the 4 C's and in a very short time became quite comfortable with 'diamond speak'.

That's how I found the original diamonds website, simply the best site for sourcing diamonds on the net. I did have my reservations though as I had never purchased anything online before. However, one phone call to Jason really put my mind at ease and as a result I accepted his invitation to visit with him at his workshop.

Upon arrival I immediately sensed that Jason was an 'old school' craftsman and was genuinely concerned with getting me the best diamond that was within my budget. Within a day Jason had searched their vast collection of diamonds and had selected several for me to evaluate. I ended up choosing a .661ct, E, VS2 Round Brilliant AGS certified Triple Ideal Cut (Hearts and Arrows). What a lovely stone.

As soon as the order was placed Jaason forwarded me the Fedex shipping number and I subsequently spent the next two days tracking my diamond on the net - New York, New Jersey, Memphis, Honolulu, Sydney and finally Brisbane. This stone was better travelled than I was!!! I could feel myself getting more nervous as it got closer. As soon as Jason had signed for it he called me and I jumped straight in the car to go and collect it. Jason had presented it in a lovely display box for me to give to my partner that night and also gave me the AGS certificate and the Hearts and Arrows viewer.

Having accepted my proposal my now fiancé and I met with Jason to discuss the setting. He crafted the exact design my partner had wanted, an elegant partial knife edge solitaire in 18ct white gold – absolutely perfect for displaying the beauty of the stone. We couldn't be happier. The independent valuation Jason provided also added to the happiness – the completed ring was valued at double what it had cost to make.

If you are looking for that special diamond in that special setting look no further than Original Diamonds. Nothing compares to the quality you get from a hand made piece of jewelry. You certainly will not find it ready made at your local jeweler.

Thank you Jason for making a difficult process so easy. We couldn't be more pleased.

28/4/2005 06:59:30
debbie brown (debbie.brown@readyworkforce.com.au)

WOW! My dream ring arrived last night and my partner and I were both waiting at the airport for it full of excitement and nerves.
As we live thousands of kilometres away from the Original Diamonds office we were another couple who were very dubious about buying something so important on-line. After nearly 12 months of emails and phonecalls we finally ordered my engagement ring 3 weeks ago. At the airport last night all our apprehensions turned to absolute joj as we opened the parcel and took the most stunning ring out of it's box. The ring is identical to the picture I had emailed to Jason and the valuation is twice that of what we paid . We could not be happier and are so very pleased that we found Original Diamonds. I am more than happy for anyone who would like to see a picture of the ring or ask for any further feedback to email me. I cannot recommend Original Diamonds highly enough.

26/4/2005 02:33:31
Debbie Palmer (Gold Coast)

After visiting endless jewellers over the past 18 months, my partner and I decided to search the web as an alternative to find a ring.

Our search of the web brought us to Original Diamonds website.

When we searched their database we were surprised to see such a dramatic difference in the pricing of diamonds compared to the jewellers. (We had also been to a number of jewellery auctions).

With such a price difference and the fact that we had found original diamonds from a web search we were very concerned about purchasing a ring over the website from an unknown company.

I contacted many of the testimonial contacts on the website (to give me peace of mind) and was happy to receive emails from other people who had purchased rings. (a number of couples were so excited, that they even emailed me photos of their ring) The feedback was all positive.

I can now say that our concerns were unfounded and I now have my dream princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Jason was fantastic and very patient with attending to my needs and concerns.

Jason even went the extra mile to hand deliver the ring to our home…

They were very honest and upfront about educating us on our short list of diamonds. They actually statement that that one of the diamonds we had chosen was not a great stone... considering that this stone was more expensive than the diamond we purchased says a lot about their integrity and honesty.

Now that I have gone through the experience of purchasing a ring... I have started to tell all of my girl friends!

We saved over $10,000 purchasing the diamond ring through original diamonds and the ring is perfect!


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