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Original-diamonds.com is truly unique because we can give you the most competitive prices on loose diamonds INSTANTLY .

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John Withers pictured here designing an exclusive diamond engagement ring. Original-logoriginal and it's "heart design logo" Original-logo are registered trademarks and brands that are owned exclusively by members of the Withers family, the trademark was designed and created by Mr. John Edward Withers, the "Original" trademark and brand have been in use and heavily associated with the Jewelry industry for more than 40 years.

The "Original" trademark has also been extensively used on the Withers family companies own product lines including their range of Jewelry and Optical care cleaning products, Original has also been used in major co-branding of other quality products services.


Original-Diamonds.com is a marketing conduit that is designed to bring our products, experience, and service in the Diamond and jewelry industry online too the general public.

Original-diamonds.com is supported by the trade mark Original, its parent company, its directors and active members of the Withers family.

Every diamond we sell is certified . A diamond grading report is essentially a statement attesting to the authenticity of a diamond it provides a true and accurate statement of the characteristics and grade based on internationally recognized standards.


A grading report will includes a plotted diagram of the diamond and all significant characteristics, cut, color, clarity, carat weight.

The report also describes the shape, exact measurements and proportions as well as grade the polish and symmetry. The report comments on the distinctiveness of the diamond, like fluorescence if present, graining, and any imperfections the diamond may have.

A diamond grading report is not a retail monetary valuation of the diamond; it is simply a scientific document that clarifies all aspects of the individuality of a diamond.

Retail monetary valuations should be conducted locally as retail values may differ depending on local taxes and margins.

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