Pink Diamonds

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Natural Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest and most treasured colors commanding some of the highest prices per carat ever paid. We are specialists in the area of Natural Fancy colored diamonds. Please submit your query so we may correspond.

A pink diamond is graded according to the intensity of color in each individual stone. Argyle Diamonds uses a scale from 1 to 8 one being the most intense color and eight the lightest color.

The 1 to 8 grading is then given an additional grade according to each individual diamond hue.

Pink Diamond Color Grading

Pink Diamonds

Pink Diamonds Hue in order of rarity:

* PP - Purplish Pink
* P - Pink
* P - Brownish Pink
* PC - Pink Champagne

Intensity of Pink Diamonds:

1. Very intense
2. Intense
3. Strong
4. Medium
5. Medium Light
6. Light
7. Very Light
8. Blush

Colored Diamonds

A natural colored diamond isformed in the same way as a white diamond with the only difference being the color of the crystal. The color is believed to have occurred in the forming of the crystal millions of years ago by nitrogen or other elements being trapped in the crystal lattice. Natural colored gems come in all shades, hues and colors of the rainbow, with the most common and inexpensive colors ranging from brown to yellow.

Brilliant Cut

The most popular of all cuts the brilliant (round) in its Ideal proportions is designed to give maximum scintillation, beauty and fire. It is comprised of 58 facets; the Brilliant cut follows more naturally the rough diamond crystal shape, and thus is most popular for cutting due to the beauty it returns, please see proportions for a complete explanation of why proportions for a round brilliant are so important for beauty and price. Many other shapes and colors are available and we are looking forward to helping you choose the diamond that fits your price range and specific needs.

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