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Diamonds Hong Kong

Looking for a Diamond or Diamond ring in Hong Kong

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Last updated 27 April 2017, Thu

Stock ID: fid930616



Shape: round [info]
Weight: 0.18 [info]
Color: D [info]
Proportion: fine [info]
Clarity: VVS1 [info]
Certificate: IGI [info]
Polish: VG [info]
Symmetry: VG [info]
Cut: fine [info]
Fluorescence: None [info]
Girdle: [info]
Culet: None [info]
Table: 61.50 [info]
Crown: [info]
Depth: [info]
Suggested price in USD: $455.94
Insurance & Shipping: $70.00 [info]
Total price in USD: $525.94
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